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The Dive Team

David "Waly" Torres

David "Waly" Torres, is originally from Callao.

He came to Pucusana in 1992, seeking opportunity, he found work (and love).

Waly is our trusty captain, his boat "Chelita" (his wife's name), is his pride and joy., he keeps it well maintained, clean and tidy.

Waly has 25 years of local knowledge, a healthy combination of personal experience, and that which has been passed on from other locals (including his father in law, who is known for his ability to navigate accurately - by the stars).

Waly keeps an eye on us, and our equipment, he makes sure that we get into, and, out of the water safely.

He also keeps an eye on the weather and condition of the ocean.

He is also involved with the local municipality in the management of the local boat captains,

He maintains interest in the community, and welcomes the balance between tourism, fishing and diving.

We think it makes sense that he and his colleagues are included in our business activities,

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