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The Dive Team

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Eileen Paredes

Eileen Paredes, is originally from Peru.

She spent 3 years living the dive industry dream up, with up to 5 dives a day in beautiful Thailand, and working with all sorts of divers. A very relaxed diver who is with great skills, and a passion for the ocean.

She will be happy to tell you about her experience with different diving equipment (the good and the not so good).

Eileen recently returned to Peru and has a wealth of knowledge to share with new and existing divers.

Pucusana diving is interesting with the large quantities of kelp, that provides a great environment for lots of interesting marine life, she mentioned that the water was a bit cooler than other locations, with less visibility, but still a welcoming location to become a great diver.

Eileen is an Instructor with SSI, and can show you how easy and user friendly the SSI diver education system can be.

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