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Available to DAN Professional Members, Prepared Diver is an informative and engaging video-based program that details proper diving behaviors and safe diving procedures for entry-level students, new divers and those in need of a refresher.

Utilizing multiple data sources within DAN’s emergency, medical, and insurance claims networks, we identified five contributing factors – each preventable – that lead to diver injury and/or death.

Student modules feature:

Respect Your Limits

Discover the different limitations divers face before every dive, including environmental, physical and physiological issues. Learn how to recognize limitations and abilities while planning dives within your current training and skill level.

Be Aware of Your Air

Running out of air is the most common contributing factor in diving accidents, yet it is easily avoided. Determine ways to prevent out of air situations by considering factors such as current, buoyancy control and depth when planning your dive.

Listen to Your Ears

Ear injuries are common but preventable by equalizing often and listening to your body. Learn the proper techniques for equalization along with common injuries and how to avoid them.

Maintain Good Buoyancy

Issues like barotrauma, marine life injuries and uncontrolled ascents can often be prevented with effective buoyancy control. Review the best practices to enhance and perfect your buoyancy skills.

Control Your Ascents

Lack of control on ascent and discounting safety stops are some of the issues divers face while diving. Explore the principles of physics affecting safe ascents, the different types of dive environments and how to ascend properly in each one.

All courses were redesigned, updated and meet the recommendations from the October 2015 Guidelines Update for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care issued by the International Liasion Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and American Heart Association (AHA).

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