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Mary is the positive energy behind the scenes. She keeps an eye on the accounts (to make sure we will be here for the long term).

Mary learned to snorkel during a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Mary's first scuba experience was in Pucusana - depth of 2.4m, dive time 8 minutes, in water of temperature 16 degrees Celsius.

Mary now has more confidence in the water and is more comfortable with her knowledge of dive equipment.

Mary has enjoyed snorkeling in warmer waters at Fitzroy Island (Australia), and has also been diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean (Mexico).

One of her favorite experiences was a snorkel tour in Cenote Maya (Mexico), check out that smile!

She continues to gain an appreciation for aquatic environments and what they have to share with us.

Mary tells us that she is enjoying more time in the water . . . and soon . . . she plans to complete a few recreational dive certificates.

Mary has an eye for fashion (colour is important), maybe this is why she loves her Fish ID's!

If you are looking for an opinion on which colour mask and snorkel you should be using - it might be worth your while to ask for her opinion.

The Dive Team

Mary Tafur
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