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The PADI National Geographic Diver Course

Join an elite group of divers who are more than tourists, but explorers, adventurers and conservationists.

The Fun Part

The fun part about the PADI National Geographic Diver certification is the opportunity to participate in an exploration project. You'll learn to observe and explore like an underwater scientist.

What You Learn

The insight and training you gain during this program will broaden your awareness and take your diving skills to a new level. You will complete a minimum of two dives during this certification.

As part of the National Geographic Diver Specialty course, you fine-tune your buoyancy, then set off on your exploration project. Whether it’s a survey of plant life or a study of water temperature variation, this project is your chance to think, observe and document like those who dive for science and discovery. On your next dive you’ll hone your navigation skills, then dive into an aquatic life exercise – which may also be part of your exploration project.

You learn:

  • How to observe your surroundings to get the best experience from each dive

  • Practical experience by gathering information and collecting images to create a visual representation of a dive site, detailing what you’ve discovered through your observations

  • Improved underwater navigation skills and ability to find your way around underwater by using a compass as well as natural references

  • You’ll be introduced to a multitude of aquatic species and be able to identify local plants and animals.

To purchase learning materials and equipment, contact us.

Your Next Adventure

During the PADI National Geographic Diver course you’ll learn about Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation, Coral Reef Conservation, Fish Identification, underwater photography —all of which are PADI specialty courses for you to delve deeper.


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